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DwellPro FAQs

Learn essential information about DwellPro and our home maintenance services.

What is DwellPro?

We are a subscription home maintenance service that provides a monthly checkup of your home, appliances, and property. We also provide one (1) hour of honey-do services during that visit, emergency services, and connection to trusted contractors for extended projects.

Who runs DwellPro?

The company was founded by Bill Carlson, an experienced construction professional in the Houston, TX area. Former clients of Bill's always contacted him for help with various projects or to get recommendations for new contractors. DwellPro was created as a service that could provide all of these services with one single phone call.

What do I get with my membership?

With your monthly subscription fee for DwellPro, you will receive the following benefits:
• One hour of honey-do services, including (but not limited to) chores like changing light bulbs, replacing air filters, moving furniture, and more
• Tracking the condition of your appliances, warranties, and overall status so that proper maintenance occurs in a timely fashion
• A monthly 30-point checkup from one of our experienced technicians
• 24/7 attention to home maintenance emergencies for members
• Connection to our vetted resources for additional work you request for your home

What should I do if I find something wrong?

If it is not an emergency, you should call us directly and request a home visit to review the potential problem.
If it is an emergency, you should call our 24/7/365 emergency line at 713-999-9952 for immediate attention. You should also call the appropriate authorities for support as needed.

What are the charges besides the monthly fee?

You will not pay any recurring costs besides the monthly subscription fee. You can be assessed other costs depending upon the nature and extent of any additional work you need in your home and/or on your property.

What type of work do you do in the house?

DwellPro technicians will do two types of work in your home 1. The handyman work associated with our monthly checkup visit - changing light bulbs, replacing air filters, moving furniture, etc. 2. Minor home repairs we detect as part of those visits, specifically ones that don’t require extensive tools and/or time Any midsized to major projects will be outsourced to trusted and vetted third-party companies. Rest assured that DwellPro will always be present when any work is being done.

What work will need to be contracted out to a third-party company?

It depends upon the nature of the repair work. Each situation and home is different. However, we will provide clear communication about what needs to happen, provide trusted connections to that experienced repair company, and serve as the overseer and project manager between your home and that contractor.

What are your hours?

Weekday Hours:
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

10 a.m. to 4 .p.m


However, if there is an emergency in your home, you can call our Emergency Line at 713-999-9952 to receive the help you need 24/7/365.

What if I have a home emergency?

If you have a home repair emergency, call our 24/7/365 emergency line at 713-999-9952 to speak with a representative.

Can I use your service in conjunction with my home warranty?

This will depend upon the nature of the contract you signed with that home warranty company. Our team would have to evaluate that contract to see if you can use our services in tandem with your home warranty company.

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