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Meet Your Premier Houston Handyman Service

Our trustworthy home specialists offer more than handyman services. They can not only hang your television with expert care and get that cabinet door to finally stop squeaking, but also oversee any third-party work – such as major plumbing or electrical repairs – that exceed their skillset. Schedule your handyman service today, and let us check off your honey-do list.

Check Off Your Honey-Do List for Good


With our signature speed and attention to detail, we will change your lightbulbs, replace your air filters, clean accessible air return vents, and more.


Let DwellPro empty your gutters, flush your shower or sink drains, gently power wash your windows, and clean that hard-to-reach ceiling fan.


That clutter in your garage and attic? Leave it to us. We’ll have your spaces looking tidy and well organized in no time.

Schedule a Handyman Service Visit

You can hire DwellPro for one large task – such as exterior power washing – or a handful of smaller tasks – like changing the smoke detector batteries, touching up caulk and grout around baseboards and bathroom areas, and making hardware adjustments to your kitchen cabinetry. Just let our handpicked, professional team of home specialists know what you need, and we’ll get to work.

The Benefits of Membership

If you can’t get enough of our handyman services, consider signing up for a DwellPro membership. Our team of specialists will get to know your home inside and out. We’ll make a detailed list of your lightbulb size and wattage preferences, your smoke detector battery specs, your air filter dimensions, and more. Best of all, we’ll make sure your regular home maintenance is always up to date, and spot potential issues like leaks and mold growth before they spiral out of control.

With a DwellPro membership, you’ll enjoy the following: • One hour of honey-do services
• Preventative maintenance
• A whole-home inspection

You already pay for monthly maid, pool, and landscaping services. Why not enlist our home care specialists to provide the same kind of service for your home?

Trustworthy Home Care Specialists

Your home should be a sanctuary – a place where you can unwind, recharge, and make invaluable memories with your loved ones. With DwellPro, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home specialists have been hand-selected for their integrity and technical skills. So you know your sanctuary is getting the care and attention it deserves.

Handyman FAQs


If it’s house-related, we can handle it. We’ll complete most handyman services ourselves – such as changing air filters, flushing primary drains and water heaters, changing lightbulbs, making minor hardware and cabinet adjustments, power washing, window cleaning, and weatherstripping your doors and windows. For repairs that require licensed plumbing, electrical, or HVAC expertise, we’ll find the best provider and oversee all aspects of the repair for you. Just keep in mind that only DwellPro members qualify for this concierge repair service.


We can identify leaks and other issues during the monthly inspections we perform for our members. For major plumbing repairs, DwellPro members qualify for our concierge service, whereby we select a best-in-class plumber and manage every step of the repair process for you. So the only provider you need to call is DwellPro.


If you’re a DwellPro member, we’ll act as your HVAC concierge. That means we’ll contact the best HVAC service provider in your area, schedule the service for you, and oversee all of the repairs.


DwellPro members enjoy one hour of honey-do services each month as part of their membership fee. Any additional time required to complete maintenance requests will be billed at a discounted rate.

DwellPro Service Areas

DwellPro proudly serves neighborhoods across Houston, TX, including:

• River Oaks
• Memorial Villages
• Tanglewood
• West University
• Bellaire
• West Memorial

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